Institutional Investor Intelligence is a portfolio of premium intelligence services providing timely actionable news, features, data and community engagement for niche markets. We deliver clearly organized, customizable content, delivered with economic benefit, exactly how and when you need it.

Each service is delivered specifically for leading industry professionals who need exclusive information on emerging market opportunities to retain their competitive edge in the field. Written in a concise, lively style by our staff of highly skilled and specialized reporters, each newsletter not only reports who’s doing what, where and how, but more importantly—why!

Services in the Institutional Investor Intelligence portfolio include:

Derivatives Intelligence |

Derivatives Intelligence is your trusted source for timely, actionable news, features, data and informed perspective on the global derivatives markets.

We go beyond the headlines to deliver the details and perspectives affecting your performance. For derivatives buyers, sellers and structurers, Derivatives Intelligence covers OTC deals, structures, issuer and investor activity in the primary and secondary markets, as well as regulatory and operational issues that impact your daily and longterm success. Find out what the heads of desks, traders and analysts are thinking; obtain buy-side intelligence; secure critical regulatory updates; and keep track of key industry executives and attractive job openings, all in one place.

Securitization Intelligence |
Actionable news, proprietary data and informed perspective on deals and strategies in the U.S. and European securitization markets.

Covering primary deal issuance, trading and strategies in the ABS, MBS, CMBS and CLO markets. The deal coverage focuses on which issuers are coming to market, which banks are structuring and leading the deal, and how investors are receiving the offering. Securitization Intelligence also gives you competitive intelligence on shifting business strategy, who’s hiring and why, and the latest regulatory developments affecting the securitization market. You can customize a News Feed by asset type and region, so you immediately track the news and features that matter most to you.

Real Estate Finance Intelligence |
An exclusive, daily information service with actionable alerts and informed analysis on commercial property sales and capital markets activity.

From sales through to financing, Real Estate Finance Intelligence covers all levels of commercial real estate, by tapping top executives and investors to get direct information and perspective. Actionable information and market perspective on property sales, commercial mortgage-backed securities deals, development projects, new loans, refinancing and more – for the sophisticated real estate finance professional.

Power Finance & Risk |
An exclusive, daily information service with actionable news, organized content, proprietary databases, and informed perspective on financing and M&A in the power industry in the Americas.

Covering the acquisition and construction financing of power assets—and the M&A market related to those assets. Find out who is looking for financing; market rates for project loans; deals in syndication; who is looking to sell generation assets; who are the buyers circling in asset auctions. It is the inside track on who’s selling and who’s advising them, who’s borrowing and who’s arranging debt—and market perspective on terms, structures, and plans. Includes a proprietary database of North American generation asset sales and proposed sales.

Fund Industry Intelligence |
Fund Industry Intelligence provides news, analysis, data and commentary on the mutual fund industry. It delivers daily business strategy and actionable sales and marketing leads to fund industry leaders—giving them timely, practical insights into the highly competitive mutual fund marketplace. From product innovation, distribution and marketing strategies to senior leadership interviews, market trends, regulatory alerts, DC search activity and daily market data, Fund Industry Intelligence delivers exclusive coverage in company and market contexts.

Fund Director Intelligence |
The only independent publication dedicated to the mutual fund trustee. It identifies, reports on and analyzes vital information affecting mutual fund governance, not only providing the facts, but a clear understanding of how they will affect you as a mutual fund trustee. Fund Director Intelligence is read by a loyal base of highly sought-after business and financial leaders.

Compliance Intelligence |
An exclusive, daily information service providing practical, actionable information for securities, investment and bank compliance officers and their advisers.

Covering the key compliance issues and, via our network of regulatory and industry sources, we highlight the most likely regulatory and compliance issues of tomorrow, rulemaking (from the idea to proposal to final rules) and how those rules impact the compliance function at broker/dealers, investment managers and banks. We detail the strategies employed by regulators in exams and sweeps and what are the current enforcement themes that are at the forefront of compliance officer concerns.

Money Management Intelligence |
An exclusive daily intelligence service focused on institutional asset management sales leads, news, trends, proprietary databases and research.

With decades of combined experience behind its intelligence gathering team, Money Management Intelligence aims to provide unparalleled insight into leading defined benefit pensions’ investment strategies and covers competitive information on consultants and investment managers serving this industry. With news, analysis, in-depth interviews, trends and other features—coupled with the power of the premier iiSEARCHES investment management sales leads database— Money Management Intelligence stands out from the pack by delivering a rich variety of perspectives.

Foundation & Endowment Intelligence |
A premium daily intelligence service focused exclusively on the foundation, endowment, hospital and other nonprofit institutions’ investment management.

Delivering exclusive U.S. and select international sales leads for managers, consultants and service providers dedicated to serving nonprofit institutions, provides exclusive insight on leading nonprofit institutions’ investment strategies and covers competitive information on consultants and investment managers serving this industry. With news, analysis, in-depth interviews, trends and other features—coupled with the power of the premier iiSEARCHES investment management sales leads database—it delivers unparalleled intelligence on the niche nonprofit institutions’ investment industry.

The #1 source for global institutional plan sponsor activity and sales & marketing intelligence.

Leveraging original data content, fund reports and analytical content across the asset management portfolio, iiSEARCHES is powered by in-depth, thoughtful plan sponsor information delivered in the succinct and relevant manner. iisearches is the most effective way to generate business opportunities and research potential, new and completed pension and nonprofit fund sponsor mandate activity from around the world.