What do you get when you combine photovoltaic technology and some extremely skimpy swimwear? A piece of apparel that can power your iPod and give you some serious tan lines. The Solar Bikini, created by New York designer Andrew Schneider, sports a conductive thread that runs through 40 flexible mini photovoltaic strips from PowerFilm Solar and ends at a USB port where you can charge your MP3 player or smartphone.

The output on the Solar Bikini is comparable to charging a device from a laptop, according to GizMag. The suit can even be worn in the water, but charging a device while swimming is not recommended and the wearer must let the suit dry before charging.

The Solar Bikini has a price tag of $500-1,500 and is available for custom order at SolarCoterie.com. Schneider did not respond to email inquiries regarding the suit. Whether there are plans for a version for men could not be learned.

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