Euromoney Seminars’ 11th Annual North American Energy and Infrastructure Finance Forum took place at the Westin New York at Times Square from Sept. 22 to 23. PFR managing editor Olivia Feld and reporter Fotios Tsarouhis attended the conference.

  • The moderator of one panel joked that he would be standing between attendees and the champagne at a later event, a series of champagne round tables, implying that conference participants would rather be imbibing than sitting through the sixth panel of the day. Nearly an hour later, the panel moved to a Q&A round. The first question came from a man who asked, “Where’s the champagne? Didn’t you say we were going to get tired of listening to you?”
  • “How many people in here are working on solar storage projects?” asked a storage project developer on a panel, which discussed the future for the asset class, to which three people raised hands in a room filled with several dozen. “Looks like we’re preaching to the choir,” remarked a financier, on the panel, who had expressed reservations over funding the technology.
  • An after-conference cocktail party hosted by Ares and First American Corp. took place on a hotel rooftop that was accessible through an elevator at the end of a maze of black cinder block walls adorned with purple neon arrows. Expressing her skepticism at following the path, one conference-goer remarked “I’ve seen Taken”.
  • One sponsor gifted a vacuum wine cap to visitors at their booth, which proved more popular with attendees than that traditional go-to freebie: pens.

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