M&Ms, Harvey Weinstein and millennials all somehow made it into the reporter’s notebook at this year’s Platts Financing U.S. Power Conference in New York.

·         Whether by design or by accident, the M&Ms World electronic billboard across the street from the Crowne Plaza Hotel on Times Square where Platts Financing U.S. Power took place was on message—it was hyping Mars’s ‘Sustainable in a Generation’ initiative with images of wind turbines interspersed with anthropomorphic candy characters.

·         Pat Eilers, managing director at BlackRock, soldiered admirably through an entire keynote on the opening day of the conference without visual support, due to technical difficulties. He also apparently made $100 in the first minute by mentioning Donald Trump, Weinstein and Bill O’Reilly, something Starwood Energy’s Himanshu Saxena had wagered he would not do.

·         Patrick Worrall, senior vice president at Riverstone Holdings vehicle Extol Energy (formerly Topaz Power Management), drew an interesting comparison in a brief recap of the listing and subsequent take-private of Talen Energy Corp. (PFR, 6/10/14, 6/3/16): “In 2014 along came a transaction opportunity to merge our 5.5 GW with the spin out of the PPL assets. We did that and they took over and I referred to that as ‘sending our kids off to college’,” he said, before adding: “Apparently we raised millennials, because they came back.”

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