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Colby Bermel‏ @ColbyBermel Dec 8
"Ideally, and maybe in 50 years, we'll have wireless electricity; who knows. But right now we don't," a Florida state lawmaker said in justifying a bill that would speed up the approval process for new transmission lines

Mike McKinnon‏ @mikemckinnon Dec 13
Premier @RachelNotley announcing results of renewable electricity auction. 3 companies with an average of 3.7 cents/kWh. This is the lowest price in Canada. By far. #ableg #yyc

Ben Serrurier‏ @benserrurier Dec 13
(Replying to @mikemckinnon)
I assume this is mostly wind but if bidding solar into Canada would you assume lower module prices bc US tariffs will increase supply to CA?

Ivan Penn @ivanlpenn Dec 14
California regulators propose replacing PG&E natural gas plants with energy storage

Elias Hinckley @EliasHinckley Dec 14
Hearing there was some concession made to protect ITC and PTC in the revised BEAT rules in the #taxbill. No details yet. #wind #solar

Michael Powers‏ @TerraWatts2010 Dec 14
1GW UK to France sub-sea electricity transmission line approved  #HVDC #supergrid

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