Delegates traveling to Louisiana from frigid northern cities had their hopes of a respite from the cold dashed as temperatures in New Orleans hovered around freezing point for the duration of the Infocast Projects and Money conference this year.

Attorneys venturing away from the Roosevelt Hotel for breakfast with PFR made their way tentatively across the treacherous ice, only to discover that the Ruby Slipper Cafe was closed owing to the inclement weather. It was, however, a convenient excuse for an upgrade to the Ritz.

In the comfort and warmth of the conference hall, meanwhile, Akin Gump lawyers were under strict instructions from Keith Martin to adopt his distinctive moderating approach, roaming the floor, mic in hand.

On the sidelines, Martin revealed a little of his reading habits. The tax and projects maven is currently devouring ‘Fire and Fury, Inside the Trump White House’ by Michael Wolff.

Ralph Cho and Nuno Andrade’s review of the year in project finance was a big draw, with rival bankers spotted eagerly snapping photos of Cho’s slides. We won’t name them, as photography is against Infocast’s house rules.

One slide produced a minor controversy over the Investec banker’s description of market dynamics as “white hot”, which baffled some folks in the room.  Cho is right, however, that “white hot” is hotter than “red hot”. Anyone who disputes this must never have seen a blacksmith in action.

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