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UN Climate Change‏ @UNFCCC Jan 28
France pledges to shut down all coal-fired power stations by 2021  Showing commitment to the #ParisAgreement and the @UN #GlobalGoals

Frank Luntz‏ @FrankLuntz Jan 30
I've heard coal called lots of things, but never "beautiful." That's got to be a personal Trump line. #SOTU

Ken Bone‏ @kenbone18 Jan 30
I work in the coal industry. Very little has changed.

Lucas Bifera‏ @airlucas Jan 31
Power private equity giant LS Power CEO observes that a 10-20% decline in PJM coal/nuclear capacity will result in one overlooked outcome: make the remaining coal/nuclear capacity extremely profitable. @SPGMarketIntel #SPGIEnergy

NowThis‏ @nowthisnews Feb 2
China built the world’s biggest floating solar plant on top of a flooded coal mine 

Washington Post‏ @washingtonpost Feb 2
In Southwest Florida, taking a shine to the nation’s first solar-powered town 

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