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Tesla Rooftop Solar and Powerwall coming to a #HomeDepot near you:  #rooftopsolar #tesla #energyindependence

Natural Gas Solution‏ @natgassolution Feb 8

People in New England should have access to reliable and affordable natural gas produced here in the United States  via @Mark_J_Perry

American Wind Energy‏Verified account @AWEA Feb 2

#Windpower fact of the day: The average wind turbine generates electricity 90% of the time.

Laura Schepis‏ @EnergyFairness Jan 28

Ignoring the opportunities of clean #coal technology will make #Australia less competitive  @australian

Dan Cederholm‏ account @simplebits Jan 30

Beautiful, clean coal and gorgeous, nourishing cigarette smoke and pleasant, invigorating asbestos and adorable, energy-giving lead

McKinsey Global Inst‏ @McKinsey_MGI Feb 8

Renewable energy, primarily solar and wind, could jump from 4% of global power generation in 2017 to as much as 36% by 2035 

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