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Lynn Jurich‏ @LynnJurich May 8
Most Americans are surprised to learn that the cost of moving electricity through transmission lines, transformers, and local power lines is greater than the cost of generating the electricity itself.

Evan Halper‏ @evanhalper May 9
An update on where economic growth is and is not happening. Americans employed in: Coal: 86,000 MARIJUANA: 125,000 Solar: 260,000

SNL Energy‏ @SNLEnergy May 9
US solar panel imports plunge by 74% in the first quarter after trade threat drove buying spree in 2017 #solartrade

RenewableEnergyWorld‏ @REWorld May 8
“The bases are loaded and we need sustained singles and doubles”. Wind beat every other generation source on price last year. “We are reliably on the grid” Tom Kiernan CEO @AWEA #windrocks #OWES18 #WINDPOWER2018

Michael Koenitzer‏ @MWKoenitzer May 3
Congratulations to great deal execution. Dividend’s solar power securitization receives industry’s first “AA” rating

marco krapels‏ @KrapelsMarco May 10
California home solar business will be 100% cash - roll cost of solar into [new home] mortgage. Solar leasing will die in California. Cash=king - some with loan (for retrofits) . I said this a few years ago when I was on the Solar Mosaic board. Goodbye PPA Hello OWN YOUR POWER

RTO Insider‏ @rtoinsider May 6
@CleanChoice said Tuesday it has been selling subscriptions to eight solar gardens in Minnesota with a total capacity of 42.5 megawatts. The projects are owned by Cypress Creek Renewables and available to subscribers in more than 30 counties.

Andrew Zakharov‏ @andreizakharoff May 11
$TERP current dividend yield is around 6.7% with the best-in-class sponsor Brookfield Renewable Partners $BEP #YieldCo

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