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Lynn Jurich‏ @LynnJurich Jun 30
Solar is special because it gives power to people. #PuertoRicans now have the ability to take control of their #energy future with @Sunrun's home #solar & #battery service, allowing residents to generate their own energy & remain powered through blackouts.

Business N.C. @BusinessNC Jul 2
@DukeEnergy CEO Lynn Good was the highest-paid utility CEO in the U.S. last year; her total earnings of $21.5 million were nearly $3 million higher than her closest rival.

Robbie Orvis‏ @robbieorvis Jul 3
In 2 business days, FERC has ruled that its role should be to mitigate state policy (PJM capacity repricing) and to support out of market compensation for gas facilities (ISO-NE Mystic filing). This is not a commission supportive of clean energy or free market principles

American Wind Energy‏ @AWEA Jul 3
#Windpower fact of the day: America's veterans find wind jobs at a rate 72% higher than the average industry. And now, a new bill could offer up even more opportunities in wind for those who serve our country. 

Edward Klump‏ @edward_klump Jul 5
Some news for ERCOT watchers: Two small gas-fueled generating units were cleared to shift to seasonal operations. They'll still be around for summer months.

The New York Times‏ @nytimes Jul 6
A $50-a-night condo, a $43,000 soundproof booth and a $3.5 million security team: Scott Pruitt was facing 13 federal inquiries amid resigning from the EPA

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